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Response Rate is diminishing

I usually retain online quite 24 hours and always try to reply to buyer messages instantly. But my response rate is now 75%. What can I do in this situation? Please suggest to me?

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If you want to raise you response rate, respond more efficiently to anyone who sends you future messages.


Maybe you have been spammed and haven’t replied to those messages.

Please check the spam folder to see if there are any. If so, please reply with a simple “No” or “Reported”, report the massage(s) and block the user(s).

If the spam folder is empty, you may contact CS, explain your situation and politely ask them to restore your response rate.

Always reply to whatever new message comes through - even if it were spam.


1 spam message, but fiverr has already marked it as spam. Is it good to unmask as spam and reply??

Yes and, afterwards, block the user. No need to report it, since Fiverr marked it already as spam.

Please remember to reply to spam messages, even if Fiverr says you don’t need to.

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