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Response rate is dropping down

Hi! My response rate always was at 100%. But now it drops almost everyday by 1% even if I reply to every new message within 1-3hrs. Is there any new rule about response rate that I don’t know? :thinking:


If you get the best answer of this question then share with me because i have same problem like that my response rate is 3 hour last night and today it goes up 5 hour and the shocking thing for me is there is no message in my inbox so why my response rate goes down?


actually to make it up. whenever you will get new messages you have to respond as fast as you can.

In your case its dropping because average is getting down for 60 days. like if you get 10 messages in 60 days & responded 9 = 90% … so if you dont get a message for next 30 days. then it will be 5 messages in last 30 days example. & you responded to 4 so it will be 80% . hope you had got that.

so if you get less messages in future your average will be dropping out