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Response rate is dropping

Hi all!
I try to answer within few hours to everyone in my inbox, though my response rate is only dropping.
If 10 days ago it was 100%, now it is just 92%, I have no idea what’s happening.

Some recommendations on that topic? Why is this happening and what can I do about it?

Same here. Mine is dropping for no reason as well. I assume it’s a bug.

It must be , I’ve watched the little notification thing tell me I have 8 hours to respond on a message where me and the client have had a running conversation for the past day or 2 … Its like its making you answer the message last to keep the rating.

I’m willing to bet those who care enough to keep it up may step ahead of the pack in search engine visibility because of the response rate , albeit maybe only slightly. This needs to be fixed.

I’m sitting at below 85% and I know I’ve only missed 2 messages in a 24h period , I should be at 98%… I stopped caring though… Glad to see I’m not going nuts :wink:

Well, my problem is that I answer 100% messages within 1-2 hours :smiley:
And my rate is dropping constantly, it was 96%, then 94, now it’s 92%

fiverr seems to have some serious bugs and it either does not care or is not really able to get rid of them
maybe they should employ some real developers hanging around here on fiverr, to help them out :slight_smile:

I am also having issues with that response rate :frowning:

Same here! My response rating was at 95% consistently, and now it’s at 91 and I answer everything very quickly from my phone if I’m not at my computer. I don’t get it. Could it be that we have to be the last to reply even if a customer says “thanks” as the last word? Not sure, but I don’t like a dropping response rate if it’s not true.

Same here! Not sure what’s going on, but I always reply immediately. I went from 95 to 91 today, and I answer everyone very fast on my phone.

Mine is dropping too

This happens to me every couple of months and I respond to every message I get, usually within an hour or two. You just contact customer support and they’ll fix it for you.

Same here, the timer icon stays on many messages even after replying to them.

I’ve reported the bug to support, and they said they are aware of the bug. So hopefully soon it will be fixed :slight_smile:

They can indeed fix the response rate for you, but it does little good as it will drop again next day.

Do not worry, it happens. Support team corrects it upon contact.

lol my response rate, after having slowly crept up over 90%, once more dropped to 88% suddenly, and I really absolutely have no idea how that can have happened this time, I even replied to the last message that came after midight pretty much immediately, that thing is buggy and I refuse to worry about it anymore.

Pretty frustrating, and my business has dropped considerably to boot! And I don’t know why. I have over 570 positive reviews and nothing negative. Guess Fiverr wants bigger money orders from me, but it’s hard to do when many of my clients all tell me they have no money to spend. Hard to believe, but I try to be fair and keep them happy. Hopefully things will improve. Not sure I’m sold on the new pricing structure, as it’s turned many off from my gig. Suddenly the 300 word VO’s now cost $10, and they find another.