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Response rate is first time attraction with buyer?

Hi hope you all are fine!
I have a question in my mind that response rate is first time attraction with buyer, or it may effect if the same buyer comes again to buy your service again?


Yes some time its Effect because if you don’t reply fast then buyer have a chance to go for other sellers . So do a fast response on fiver And it will effect your gig for ranking !


You are getting Response Rate and Response Time :alarm_clock: confused.

Response time depends on speed. :biking_man: ::running_woman: In other words, how long it takes you to answer a buyer’s message. Response Time does not count in your stats.

Response Rate is a percentage. If you always answer messages within 24 hours, then your Response Rate will stay in the green. :seedling::evergreen_tree::deciduous_tree::palm_tree::cactus::shamrock:


No Response rate count with mins ,hours ,2 hours ,24 hours ,with in a week or not . If you response with in hour then your response rate percentage would be 1 hour and if you response in 2 hours then your response rate would be 2 hours .
Actually response rate depends on how fast you do response and buyers are able to see your response rate and some time buyers don’t do message when they see your response rate on your profile .


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No, that’s response time.

Response rate is a percentage (to how many first messages from potential buyers you respond within 24 hours).

If you think that both Vickie and me got it wrong, here’s what it says on the Fiverr’s official Help page:

“Response Rate is the percentage of first responses to new messages that a seller sends within 24 hours. Response Time is the average amount of time in hours that it takes for a seller to send a first response.”


That what i said " Response Time is the average amount of time in hours that it takes for a seller to send a first response " .

you can read the question of @chasadmushtaq is asking and read my answer .
you are talking about average response rate and i am talking about attraction of response rate .
Let me give you example if some one response with in 2 hours for 24 hours then it would have 2 hours response time as average but if some one do same with in hour and its average for 24 hours is 1 hour response time and it will effect . Some buyers only contact with those sellers who have good response rate because they don’t want to wait ! Thats the answer i give to a question of @chasadmushtaq

And this is what written in this Article . The same story i told !

Promotes quicker responses to Buyers. By helping Buyers receive seller responses as quickly as possible, we hope to create a positive experience on Fiverr so that they will return to Fiverr for more orders.
Helps you understand how responsiveness helps grow your Fiverr business and allows you to track your improvement over time

link :

You said rate, not time. Time is in hours, rate is in percentages like @catwriter wrote

Response time depends on how fast you response, not rate. Rate depends on how many first messages you replied in 24 hours.


You’re talking about attraction of response time. Buyers don’t even see our response rate.

Some buyers only contact sellers who have good response time.

For example, your profile says " Avg. Response Time 2 hours", it doesn’t mention your response rate at all.

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Thanks ! But can you give me any prove for buyer that they don’t see sellers response rate ?

Just go to any seller’s profile and see if you can see the response rate there. It won’t be shown (but response time may be shown on the profile or when you click to “contact”. It usually is if a seller has replied to any messages).



Click on profile it shows response time (2 hrs). Click on contact it shows response time (2 hrs).

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@j6nyc6 yes this is what i am saying to @catwriter but now he see the proves as well !

If you look at the screenshot it says “Avg. Response Time” not “Response Rate”.
The buyer doesn’t see the response rate.

You’d said:

The screenshot doesn’t show the response rate.


yes but its show response time that what i said for attraction to buyer !

But in your second post of the thread you’d said:


I can’t believe you still keep mixing up response time and response rate.

I do hope you’re a lot better when it comes to understanding your buyers’ instructions.


yes now i understand . Thanks to you !

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I understand thanks !