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Response Rate is Going Down, Why?


Always I respond any message from buyer, within a very short Time. Also my average response time is 1 Hour. But my Response rate is going down and down. Why ???


Hello, maybe I’ll say something stupid, but I read that the last message should always be behind the seller.

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Not true! This is from the article you cited.

Is Every Inbox Message Factored Into My Response Rate?

The Response Rate Indicator tracks your first response to a new inbox message from a new Buyer. After that first reply, the rest of the conversation isn’t tracked, although it is essential to continue conversations with Buyers until a conclusion is reached.

I’m In The Red Zone. Help!

Remember, you can always improve your response rate over time by replying to new messages within 24 hours. Some tips if you are having trouble keeping on top of your Inbox:

  • Download the app for iOS or Android so that you can see alerts when you receive new messages and efficiently respond anywhere
  • Set up Quick Responses
  • Consider extending the delivery time on your Gigs, if you are overwhelmed by managing your inbox requests.

How Often Does Response Rate Change?

It changes daily to reflect the last 60 days.

I’m In A Time Zone Very Far Away From My Buyers. Will This Impact My Response Rate?

Working with Buyers in other time zones can affect your response time , but not your response rate .

Response Rate allows sellers a full 24 hours to respond to the message, so even despite being in different time zones, you will still have an opportunity to respond to the message within 24 hours and not see your rate drop.


I have the same thing, first I didn’t get new messages and the rate dropped, that was already weird. Hopefully I received an order and it went up the next it dropped again but I didn’t get any new messages :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have the complete same thing. No new messages at all, but the response rate is still going down for unknown reason. The CS always tell me , don’t worry, everything is fine. without any practical solution :nauseated_face: