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Response rate is RED?

I was away from work for sometime. When I got back, I checked my response rate which is red and shows 50%. What to do if my response rate is 50%? How to improve it please?

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If you are away it is good to switch to vacation mode so that you don’t have to keep answering messages. Just always answer within 24 hours and eventually it should go back up to 100%.

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I forgot to put it on vacation mode. I replied few mails within 24 hours but it did not work.

It will take some time for the Response rate to re-adjust.
In the meanwhile, I recommend you got to your inbox and check that you did’t miss any messages to reply.

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Javier H.

Javier H. I checked all mails and replied all. Now waiting for new hits to in my inbox. Will it be red to buyer as well?

Buyers don’t see your response rate. You’re the only one who sees it.

I too have similar issue. But I reply within 24 hours always. Still it is reducing for every message I receive. If the buyer couldn’t see it, then no issues. Seeing something red daily worries me out.

The response rate resets every 30 days. So as long as you make sure to reply to all messages timely, there’s that silver line on the horizon to get rid of the red. :four_leaf_clover:

Oh, and in case the drop started after you got one of those spam messages fiverr blocks for you, which should not affect your rate, that might be the reason, there’s a bug with that affecting some people, I get that from time to time, in which case you can send a ticket with screenshot of that message to Customer Support and ask them to set the rate back to be correct again.

I think that rate is updates each month. So you need to work hard this month and then it will change the next month.
Yes, buyers see the average reaponse rate which will be low I guess!