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Response Rate is so troublesome

I always response within 12hrs, recently 1 spam message I late to mark as spam and my response rate drop from 100% to 94%! Just 1 spam message, anyone know how the response rate being calculated? Drop 6% for just 1 spam message is not making me happy.


It’s calculated over 60 days, so depending on how many messages you got total the percentage of one missed message is different.

I’m not that good with math but seems like you must’ve gotten 17 messages for 1 message to account for 6%?


I assume it could be 16, 17 or 18 in the last 60 days depending on how it rounds it to a whole number.
ie. 6.25%, 5.88% or 5.555% could all round to 6%.

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We have our own Forum Math Whiz :woman_student: who may be willing to help you out if you give her the relevant information. Her user name is @maitasun. However, she is in great demand so she may not be available just now. :thinking:


I would send a nice note to customer service and ask them if they could reset your response rate due to this spam message. Was it in your spam folder or sitting there waiting to be replied to in your in box?

I had a spam message a month or so ago that others complained about, and so, it ended up in my spam file instead of in my in box, therefore, I had not replied to it on time. I found it and asked customer service if they could reset my response rate due to a message that was spam, and that I could not reply to anyways, as others had complained about this person. My response rate had dropped 6% like yours on ONE message! Very frustrating, especially as it was close to the evaluation date.

They reviewed my request and did reset my response rate due to this being out of my control. Good luck.



Hahaha Yes, you were right. I wasn’t available at that moment of my night. :blush: :wink:

I was dearly and closely chatting with gentleman named “Morpheus”, and it lasted until today. :joy: :kissing_heart:

Thanks Vickie for your compliment, but I’m no whiz at all. You make me go red… :tomato: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

As said above by @frank_d , Response Rate is calculated over a 60-day period time, and its value depends on the amount of messages a seller receives from new buyers/potential buyers.

It is also to be said that the percentage value varies as days go by counting from the day the seller has been hit by the spammer(s) - and didn’t respond on due time - up to the 60 days when it should disappear from the calculation.

So, calculating from the day the seller was hit, and depending on how many new daily incoming messages the seller has, the RR might be higher or lower, compared to the previous day. And this, until the 60-day cycle, since the hit day, is completed.

On the other hand, I agree with @genuineguidance in contacting CS asking them for their kind help in restoring his RR - @chrisdata has nothing to lose trying it. :wink:


Now my local is 14th evening and my Responde Rate drop to 89% from 94% without any missed message. I double check all my spam and Inbox, no any missed message!

This is ridiculous, it may demote my TRS status, I contacted CS, finger cross.

I so hate the response rate thing, fiverr, please make something more sense that this thing. It’s keep seller so high pressure.

Oh no, Chris! :scream_cat: I hope you get good news from CS. :crossed_fingers:

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I’m so tense now, waiting CS reply.
I suspect they not log my reply to the fiverr system on my Android fiverr app.

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Yikes. And the promotion/demotion time occurs in about 13 hours. :grimacing:

What concerns me a bit here too is that, I’ve noticed that CS tends to be a little slower in responding over the weekend. Nonetheless, I have my fingers crossed. I hope they are able to address this issue asap… before the fast-approaching assessment time.



CS finally fix the issue for me, it’s a missing update bug.
Now go back to 95%.


Thanks anyone who wish me luck!