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Response Rate Issue

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I want to share a funny situation with you. A few days ago a buyer, who is also a seller contacted me about his project. I did not take it because of professional reasons. I close my conversations with “You’re welcome!” or something similar. Response rate decreases if I don’t reply to a message according to Fiverr’s rules. The problem I faced in this case, was, the other person was doing the same thing as me, trying to keep response rate 100%. So he was replying with “ok” whenever I sent a closing message. I did not send a reply to his last “ok” message as it was getting ridiculous and now my response rate is 97%. What is the solution? If I reply he will again send an “ok”. I think, Fiverr should have an automated system which detects meaningless messages to which replies are unnecessary. Share your opinions.


hope fiverr consider this issue and give better solution. :slight_smile:



hhahha :slight_smile: yeah its really a big issue !

:smiley: send some emoticons I would say :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol…! Fiverr only works on the your first response to new messages and not the entire conversation.

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The response rate is based only on the first response to a new person,
If you have responded once to a person - it doesnt count any further messages.
Thats why there is a clock beside the first messages from new clients, you have 24 hours to respond to maintain your response rate.

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Lol smooth

As the others said, FORTUNATELY only the 1st message to a new person counts. :slight_smile:

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Exactly :slight_smile:

Hi there :slight_smile:

As some Fiverrs have said, only the 1st answer is taken, if you see the clock icon on the conversation (at inbox) means that you have to reply to keep response rate (use the clock tooltip to know how many time you have)

The “funny” thing that happened to me is, it happened twice, I mean with two different users, even after having replied several times, the clock didn’t disappear and my response rate went down!

Another “weird” thing is, if you get a message from a suspicious user and Fiverr just blocks it, you won’t be able to reply! Ever!

Right now my response rate is at 98%

So, I think the response rate is still in “dippers” but it’s a good idea

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FORTUNATELY is the correct word! I agree! :slight_smile:

Reply only with emotions or delete the messages.

same with me, the clock is still there, even though I have replied… There must be a glitch…

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i reply one of mine client after 25 hours & my response rate drop to 50%. Really disappointing.

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I am having the same problem as well, even when I have responded I am being timed by the second and the third, this is the third time its being happening now from last month, now my average response time has increased.

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I think so!

it’s a huge problem, i hope fiverr will solve this issue