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Response Rate Issues

I am new to fiverr, uptill now i was thinking that i can’t understand properly or i am making some mistake but No, there is some issue behind it and i don’t know what it is.
Even today i got a message and i responded to the message within 15 minutes but fiverr got me to 4 hours response rate from 2 hours. It happens too many times with me.

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I think it’s better to contact the CS. Attach screenshots of your message timings. I am sure they will help.

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The response depends on the past 60 days . May be you have replied lately on the past 60th days .For that your response rate has been increased .

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Can you please share how to do that and what CS is?
Thank you.

If it is so like you said, not happen than how it changes from 2 to 4 hours directly?
Thank you

It is possible if you have replied lately .May be you have replied after 5-7 hours … I do not think this is fiverr system problem …Try to response fast .Your response rate will be good again. :grinning:

Hahaha not at all, i am new to fiverr and try my best to respond asap. :wink:
Any how thank you for your response. I am not here for chit chat. :wink:

Then may be fiverr system has been crashed for you . :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

.You are welcome … :grinning:

Got it. Customer Support.
Thank you.

Yes, customer support. Hope you got the link.

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Yes got it. Thank you

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