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Response rate keep dropping these past two days, [SOLVED]

Hi everyone…,

So…, my response rate keep dropping from 100% to 92% yesterday
and today it down to 83% , while evalution is due at 15th - 2 more days
I didn’t miss any new inbox message.

Already contact Fiverr CS regarding this bugs.
My questions is…, will i get demoted if fiverr cs didn’t fix this soon?
How long my level will get back once fiverr cs fix this bug later?

Thank you in advance,


Hi Ridwansugi,
I have done a bit of research on how to rank up higher on fiverr for a few hours
I have read that one can improve ranks by making sure that thier response rate is at 1 hour so if you have an lower response rate or high cancellation rates your gigs will loose its ranking
(you can always correct me If I am wrong)
Have a great day!

The OP’s question is not about gig ranking.


Yes I understand I just wanted to inform about this. I am sorry that its not related. You have the right to always flag my post.
Have a great day

No worries @optical_designs
Thank you for replying :slight_smile:

Anyone have similar bug this weeks?

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1st August from 100% to 94%
and today to 93%