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Response Rate Lower?


My response rate just lowered, from 98% to 88%. I respond to every single message, so I don’t understand why it would lower like this. I know it only takes into account the last 30 days, but even messages that someone sent to me and immediately deleted I respond to. I have no unread messages, My response time is 1 hour on average, and have Fiverr on my phone so I know to never miss a client.

It just lowered, so it would have had to have been a client within the last day or two, but nothing. I responded to them all. There were two that I didn’t respond to when I first started, but that was so long ago that it doesn’t even factor in the last 30 days.

So this has to be a bug. Is this happening to anyone else? Or are there ghost messages in my inbox?


Welcome back.
Sometimes those silly spam messages get stuck there if you don’t answer the clock ticks anyway… also after flagging them.
Maybe that could be one of the reasons.


That could be it, but I don’t recall getting any Fiverr notifications for spam messages either on my phone for in my inbox for the past 30 days… it might have to do with that one conversation where the client messaged me, but the message vanished. I “replied” to it, but his part of the message wasn’t there. That would make the most sense to me…


There are those messages around, consisting in just “Hi”, normally sent by new sellers, in order to get sales.
If you try to flag them without answering (very silly indeed), the clock will still be there clicking.
What you say never happened to me, hard to tell when a message just disappears :confused: