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Response Rate Lowered Due to a Spam Message that was deleted

Hello, I’m not a big seller here so I don’t do a lot of orders in a daily basis. That said, since I don’t have so many buyers, I can reply to all the messages sent to me because I have the time to do so. I had a 100% reply rate until I received a message from a buyer containing nothing but a Youtube link.

When I logged in to Fiverr the message was already deleted but my reply rate was still struck and I only know that the message was a Youtube link because we all receive an email to warn us that we received a message here on Fiverr.

This is very unpleasant because us lower sellers have to make do with what we can get and if we start getting lower rating that will eventually have an impact in our sales, so what can I do to fix this?

Thank you

He deleted his message or something, it does not have the Report button below. And my response rate was lowered again due to unknown reasons. I replied to all my messages in the past 3 days, except this one.

Just click on REPORT.

I received multiple spam messages in a row form different accounts sending me to the same link. Now I cannot reply to them and there is no option to report (probably those accounts have been blocked by fiverr). Now my response rate has been lowered to 25% from 100%

Yes the same thing happened to me. I got a spam that there was no way to report or reply to and now my response rate is only 99%.