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Response Rate Lowered

Hello, to start off with, I’ve only finished one order before, and that went very well. Recently, I’ve received another order for another gig, I answered all the messages I’d received with a 12-hour break in between at one point (but only because my Fiverr app signed me out without me knowing until later on) So I was wondering, is it because of the 12 hour gap in between that my response rate lowered? I used to be at 100%, but I’ve dropped down to 67%, and that is a HUGE drop.

I believe that’s the reason, however know that buyers only see how fast you usually respond, like within 5 hours, etc. But the percentage is only seen by you. I do think it can affect other things within Fiverr, but buyers don’t see it. If I’m wrong, someone please correct me. Thanks!

always check your Inbox for a black timer against the chat…
Sometimes even if you answer the buyer’s message, it still sits there :confused:
so to remove that i report and unreport the buyer :stuck_out_tongue: and it works… my response time is 99% :stuck_out_tongue: I like 3 100%s on my profile

My rate is also lower, 83% and I usually answer within 1 hour. Not sure why it has suddenly and recently dropped.

Most often, this is due to spam messages. They are automatically removed by Fiverr, but sometimes you see artifacts, such as dropping your response rate. You can contact CS for that, they help you out with ease – as long as you did always respond to all non-flagged new messages within 24 hours; if you answered once, the following messages don’t count for this rate, only the first.

I am facing the same issue in question, sudden drop in the response rate when i have responded the messages within 1 hour ( my response time).

The response rate is a joke. I always response within one hour, if not within minutes, yet it drops to around 83% out of thin air. Later it’s 91%, then again 87%, even if I didn’t receive any message in between.

Just let it go. It’s a waste of time to think about it.

You’re absolutely right, wish they could improve system to be efficient and effective. More or less same with Gigs search algorithm.

Remember when we had that huge Spam-message issue a few weeks ago?
I have always answered every message (except for those marked as spam, obviously) within 1 hour. My rate is at 67% even though I asked CS to set my % back to 100 after the Spam attack.
It worked for about 3 days.
Don’t worry about, just keep going and answer messages when you get them.

Lol, I had a fight with CS one time because they always set it back to 100% for me and one day I had someone who said that this wasn’t possible.

I explained to them that it makes no sense if I can’t reply as the spammer is blocked and then get punished for not being able to reply. They made a very long discussion out of t and every since I just ignore the response rate. I know for myself that I response fast enough.

CS reset my response rate recently after an inexplicable drop, and the algorithm is obviously generally useless, but I’m also curious whether it’s impacted by ‘lost’ messages. I’ve had evidence of messages not getting through to me from clients so I wonder how many of these I just don’t know about and if the response rate changes are actually indicating a % of lost messages.

CS has reset my response rate after I had contacted them. Thankfully they are a lot kinder than other CS experiences I had in the past. (Unrelated to Fiverr, Fiverr CS really shocked me with their kind and apologetic attitude)

Me too, 89%. Last 7 days I could not reply only one message because it was reported :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it’s quite funny. I had a request from Scott Langston. Finished the job, and then the guy doesn’t click an order - but is apparently a freebie seeker, because he was more than willing to ask for more work, but that doesn’t give a click for the first job well fulfilled. This system is awful when it comes to freebie seekers, and cheats people from both work AND money when this happens… What a shame! :slight_smile:

You must answer one minute after the buyer message, your response rankings will go up

Or even better: 1 second :wink:

Response rate hasn’t worked since it was installed. I reply to everything, usually in under an hour. My response time is less than one hour, but my response rate is 91%. It is very buggy.

Again many complains about response rate, CS used to reset it after ticket but this isn’t a solution.

I don’t understand - do u mean he ordered a gig and didn’t click on “accept delivery?” (But in that case, you did get paid)… could you explain please? Thanks :slight_smile:

My response rate is 93%. It depends on all month message activity.
But when someone sends you a message reply within 10 to 15 mint it’s better response time.

Sorry for bad English.

Asad Zia