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Response rate lowering

Hi everybody,
I’m writing here because of an issue that I’m having with my response rate. I’ve always replied to the message, sometimes even in the minute after I received it but since a while my response rate is lowering… not too much but it’s going down…
I woke up one day and it was at 96% without reason and now it’s 92…still without resons because in the meantime I’ve answered at 100% of my inboxes.

what’s happening?

I wanted to use the customer service but there seems to be not tickets for that kind of issue…

any help?

thank you very much.

yeah, this has been happening since they implemented it. People keep complaining, but fiverr just doesn’t listen…
I don’t think they’ll ever fix it…

Put in a ticket anyway, they’ll fix it. They’ve had to fix mine like 6 times. I’ve got a ticket in right now for it, in fact. I even know why it happens, because it happens so often:

You get sent a spam message and the Fiverr automated spam detection blocks the user who sent you the spam but doesn’t clear the timer they use that requires you to respond. (Used to be 24 hours but apparently it’s 18 hours now on this last round.)

Go into your inbox and select “all” on the left. You should see the offending messages with a clock by them. Don’t try and unspam them or mess with them because it makes it worse, just contact support, like I said they’ll reset your rate.

Yep, mine broke again too. At this point I just ignore it. My response time is 1 hour, nothing goes that long. Might as well remove it since it has no useful meaning since implemented.

Same here. I’ve put in a request to change it, and they did it twice.
I think it lowers when you get a spam message, and then fiverr blocks communication.
However, the last time I putnin a ticket, they said it dosn’t change how your gig appears or is rated, and that the response rate is only for you to view.
Which makes me wonder why they even putnin a statistic for your eyes only that doesn’t ever display accurate information…