Response rate mystery


Help! My response rate has inexplicably become 91% (having dropped from 98%, then 94%…) even though I’ve always, always replied to every new enquiry within 24 hours.

Am I missing something? I really hate to see it teetering at 91% and not knowing why or what I’m doing wrong :frowning:


Have you responded to spam messages as well? Because contrary to what CS has told us, it appears that simply reporting spam messages doesn’t work - we still have to respond to them, and then report them.

And if you can’t respond to a spam message because it was already blocked, you have to “unreport” it, respond, then report it again.


I don’t get any spam messages (probably not popular nor ranked high enough, lol) or at least I’m not seeing any…? Do they automatically go to a junk folder or something?


In that case I would actually LOVE to get spam messages - just so I can reply to all of them them and crank up my (puzzling) borderline response rate! Call Spam me maybe? :see_no_evil:


There are situations when you won’t receive a notification or email that you’ve got a new message, and even Fiverr can show at times that you have no new unread messages although you do have.

It happened to me a few times before to have new messages but not be informed about them, neither via email, nor on Fiverr :confused:

All I can suggest is to contact Customer Support and see if they can find the cause of the problem :wink:


I check fiverr several times a day, so I don’t need notifications or emails about new messages. Just sent CS a ticket - can they access my inbox btw? Would be great if they can, then they can see I’ve never left any enquiry hanging beyond 24 hours. I’m really looking forward to an explanation here.


They can. My response rate dropped recently with no reason that I could see, not even a spam message or anything, so I sent a ticket. They then told me I hadn´t responded to 3 people and their names. I had, though, and sent them screenshots.