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Response rate needs to go

Exactly… or if it’s clearly a spam message/account you can just write ‘hi’ and your response rate won’t be affected.

The RR is automatic, BUT, if you do have a good argument for them fixing yours, they will. I had my response rate do just as yours did for ONE message! ONE! I was at 100% and took a day off (for shame!) and missed one message - OK, I am not going to say it wasn’t my fault - went down from 100% to 94% due to that one message being missed. A few days later, I get a SPAM message which got flagged by others (as I am sure they were spamming everyone with their nonsense), so, the message got moved to my spam folder, I couldn’t reply to it, and it took me from 94% to 86%! I was like, “NO WAY!” I wrote to customer service and explained what happened and if they could kindly check my response rate, as I think I was being punished for not being able to answer a spam message which had been already tossed in my spam folder (I wouldn’t have even seen it had I not known to check all folders for missed messages!) I was very pleased when not only did they check it for me, but, they returned my percentage to the 94% it was the day before. They answered and fixed things within 24 hours. So, it either depends on HOW you ask or WHO gets your ticket! I was just glad it got fixed, as I was not at fault for this spam message. Those spam messages can really mess your account and level up! This happened to about 2 days before the evaluations last month!


thanks. They first told me it was 2 I missed, but I showed them that the 2nd one was answered within 12 hours. The problem is that I went on vacation and stopped getting orders before that. So my inquiry rate went down. As this is the denominator in the equation, the one inquiry I missed a month ago created a lower RR. I went back and forth with customer service and they finally just send - We are sorry you are unhappy with this. Like I said, I understand the importance of answering your inquiries, but missing one should not have a huge impact if you’ve been a good customer for years. It should not affect your status. Perhaps there should be a grace every 6 months or a year where one missed inquiry does not affect your status. I know though that after another 60 days it will disappear.

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This was the first one I’ve missed in 3 years. Sometimes things happen. It was an honest mistake.

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I’ve had my ‘Out of Office’ on as I’ve been back and forth in hospital and I still received a message from a new buyer wanting me to do a job for them. Do you know if you’re penalised for not responding quickly even when you have your status set to away?

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Yes you are

You need to make sure that you ticked a box that you don’t want to be able to receive new messages from clients when you are setting up out of the office

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If you don’t want to work with a buyer all it takes is one simple message of “Sorry I cannot help you with this project [insert reason here]”, then your response rate is not affected.

I totally agree! I’ve had $5 order buyers who turned into long-term buyers and hundreds of $$. You just never know.