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Response rate never seems to go up

Ive been replying to all messages right away for the past 4 weeks or more but my response rate just stays the same? How can i get it to go up

If you’ve had spam messages, just ask CS, and they’ll reset your response rate. :sunny:


oh okay thank you for the help! :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome! :sunny:

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Response Rate has been buggy for as long as I can remember!

Your rating will start to drop whenever the first message in ANY conversation is still unanswered past 24 hours from the moment you were notified of it. Unfortunately, this also includes threads that were marked as spam and that you physically can’t reply to.

Don’t worry though: according to CS, your response rate is for your use only and shouldn’t influence your ranking nor appear anywhere else on the site!

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Can you please tell me your problem.