Response Rate not accurate



After reading the FAQ on the response rate I’ve come to a bit of a dilemma. I have never missed a message from any prospective buyers in the month since I’ve been here and I’ve averaged a 1 hour response time.

Somehow my response rate keeps dropping. It was at 94% yesterday, now at 84% today. I went the whole first month with a 100% response rate.

While I really don’t care what the response rate reads because I know personally that I respond to every single message I receive within 24 hours (usually within 6), it may have an effect on people wanting to try my services. Am I missing something here? Is it not just the time in which you respond to the first message someone sends you? I’ve been combing through my messages but haven’t seen one that I’ve missed.



This seems to be happening to many people. I would suggest sending a notice to Customer Support and/or finding similar posts in the Suggestion Box and adding your thoughts to those. (Fiverr staff reviews the Suggestion Box from time to time and hopefully will realize that the Response Rate feature does not seem to be helping anyone.)


The same thing has been happening to me. Even though I make sure to respond to all the new messages within 24 hours of receiving, my response rate never reflects the data and remains the same. I have sent multiple messages to the customer support but so far they keep saying that you need to reply within 24 hours… etc, which is what we all already know.