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Response rate not updating correctly


There is definitely an issue with response rate updating incorrectly.

Whenever I have a decreased rate it updates to the correct %, however when I increase it (by answering a message within 24 hours) it only ever goes up by 1%, rather than the correct %.

I have spoken to support who are merely claiming to it’s all calculated by an algorithm and therefore they cannot help.

It is ridiculous because I can see how many messages I’ve received in the last 60 days and how many I’ve answered within 24hours and it works out to 91% (10/11). However, support won’t even acknowledge this and use some good, honest decency to see that my % should be at 91% rather than 89% by simply manually checking my messages.

Why does it only go up by 1% each time to respond to a new message within 24 hours? Why is it not proportionate?

Anyone else had this?


Nothing updates correctly. My “On time delivery” was 92% and after delivering 5 orders on time is still 92%