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Response Rate not updating properly?

I just got a msg about a gig and replied to it twice but I still have that little red clock counting down saying I have to respond within a certain time to maintain my response rate, all the other msgs I replied to worked correctly bar this one msg, it simply doesn’t recognize that I have responded at all it would seem? If there’s something else I’m not doing correctly I would love to know what it is because I can’t figure it out for the life of me? :confused:

I had the same issue, talk to support and they’ll fix it for you!

Totally bogus, my response rate went down to 96% because I simply couldn’t stop the clock from ticking down, even though I responded twice, def have to get support on that :frowning:

I guess the upside is, even if they can’t do anything about it, I should be able to bring it back up to 99% but still, I should be at 100%, as I responded well within the time frame, twice, mind you :slight_smile: