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Response Rate - odds are stacked against us?


So for the past 3 weeks my response rate has been at a steady 91%. Then recently, I didn’t respond to one message within 24 hours and my response rate dropped by 3%.

Then, I got 5 new inquiries in one day and responded to them all within a few hours. My response rate only improved by 1%.

Seriously. Does Fiverr not want us to improve our levels? Do they have it in their best interest that we all stay low ranked? I would think not.

So why would the system work this way? It makes no sense to me.


I don’t understand either.I’ve got demotion last week because I got one cancellation the fact that the client accidentally doubled the order and asked me to cancel it because of his mistake.I told the fiverr it’s the buyers error and they just answered me they can’t do anything to adjust it as the level system is already not possible to adjust so from level 2 now level one but I rather got drop to level one than having a negative feedback in case of issues in the future.Though cancellation hurts but it’s better rather than the rating with the star drops in my opinion.Somehow this Response rates,Completion of orders rate I simply don’t understand too.