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% Response Rate on App/desktop


Since the last App update (the one with the green framed circles on top with the % inside for ‘Positive Rating’, ‘Delivered on Time’, ‘Response Rate’, ‘Response Time’), the % I see for my Response Rate differs from the % I see on desktop.

Within 1 week I had 2 x that bug where you get a spam message and it makes your response rate drop. It did on desktop, but App showed 100% all the time,
so, either those rates on the phone app are buggy OR the rates on the phone app are correct and the bug is with the desktop application (it has, alas, been buggy for me since I’m here, and no matter which of the directions to not have spam messages make my rate drop, including those of CS, sorry, everytime I got a spam message I can almost be sure that I´ll see my response rate, and sometimes the response time with it, take a nosedive in the next day or two).

Since, in theory, spam messages that come pre-blocked by Fiverr, or which you block yourself,
shouldn´t drop your rate, actually the phone app % should be the right one, only, since my desktop shows the dropped rate, I guess that doesn´t help anything and it still does affect my account in whichever way it does affect it even if the phone app since the latest update always greets me with pretty to look at all 100% ratings. :wink:

There seem to be people who mostly use the app and might miss a drop in their response rate if the app keeps showing 100% when it´s actually not, and also, bug is bug, so, to whom it may concern.