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Response Rate - People keep sending message not to decrease their response rate


What I’ve observed that some buyers are keep sending messages even if that is not required. like once I finish them (after delivery and all work finished) with saying “Thank you” they again come back as “Appreciated” or give me “Thumbsup” and all.

In Reply to that I don’t have to say anything.

But that was client’s last message which I don’t have to respond.

So does that affect my Response Rate… as If client ask any question / clarification etc… then I’ll have to answer them which looks professional rather than keep replying them without any reason and just not to make my response rate down…

Couple of clients keep replying without even any reason wherever not needed.

Can you guys share your thoughts on this… are you also experiencing the same too?
Or what you’re doing in this kind of situation.


The only response that counts towards your response rate is your first response to any message. That response must be within 24 hours. After that, if your buyer is only saying "Appreciated or giving you a :+1:. Then you do not need to respond. :wink: The conversation is over. :stop_sign:


I am sorry to bringing this topic back …
Few questions to @vickiespencer :confused:

  1. Do you think Response Rate matters for an effective Seller? (for example : I have just received a message from one Buyer, but due to network issue could not track it, hence delayed in replying back, by about 10 hours or so. And its effected my Response rate)
  2. We are (Seller) being effected with response rate % for not replying on time to Buyer (it was unfortunate for me in One occurance). But when Buyer is not responding to our reply, why is that not effecting Buyer’s reputation? I mean at least some response.

Appreciate a quick reply.

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That won’t affect your response rate (%) as you’ve replied within 24 hours. It may affect your average response time.

Because buyers are the ones paying their hard earned cash for your services, and might be in a completely different time zone to you. Should they be penalized for being in bed when you messaged them and they couldn’t reply?

You’ll have seen that @vickiespencer didn’t reply to you as quickly as you might have hoped. This is because she’s in a different time zone to you and was probably asleep. :wink:

Response time is just one of those things that sellers have to deal with when working with buyers around the globe. However as your response rate is based purely on replying within 24 hours to the first of any buyer messages, that is something you can control usually. :slightly_smiling_face:


I was asleep :sleeping: :sleeping_bed: 7 hours ago!

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Being Seller, I believe our service is equally important as Buyer. So each order matters to me at-least. :slightly_smiling_face:

However I was expecting a response when Buyer was Online. Nevertheless its okay, but hearts sometime.

One has to “KEEP CALM AND STOP RESPONDING” otherwise no conversation will ever end. :thinking:

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since long time my response rate is at 86%. Later i got three order and i delivered at time. But my response rate is still at 86%. It is quite normal or i am blocked by Fiverr due to any unknown reason which i cannot under stand. please advise what i shall do. thanks in advance


The response rate only applies to the inbox and the percentage of the 1st messages from each buyer you reply to within the last 60 days. It’s not applicable to the order page.


I thought your first response to your buyer on the order page would count> :thinking:

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Not according to what I’ve read. It only seems to be based on the inbox. Maybe it should take orders into account really though.

I think it’s only the inbox where it shows the timer icon when you haven’t responded yet (which shows “respond within 24h” when you put the mouse over it - like in the video in a link above).

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