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Response Rate Problem Still Unsolved!


Dear Fiverr Team, please take action concerning the RESPONSE RATE algorithm. It’s been for the third time now within few months that I am contacting you on this matter. Suddenly and without no reason I lost percentages in this case. I respond lesser than 2-3h on average. Despite the fact, I lost percentages and I am at 94% at this moment and this will go down as we speak.

Every time a message is marked SPAM, this happens!!! I unspam the messages immediately, but this didn’t change anything unfortunately.

Thanks in advance,

Same thing with me. I was trying to see if it was bc of buyers who send a string of questions and I answer all of them at once instead of responding to each one individually.

This is still going on. I can’t believe Fiverr hasn’t deleted the Response Rate. Not only does the percentage rate make NO sense, and not seem to have any actual correlation to response rates or even response times, but it also creates this unwinnable system where we’re all motivated to get the last word in on every conversation, even when it’s completely unnecessary. Why on earth should I say “thank you”, and then the buyer says “thanks!” and then I have to then say “thanks again!” just to try to sneak the final response in?! And why should I feel compelled to reply to every spam conversation and KEEP replying to spammers? It’s absolutely ludicrous, and takes away from the things I SHOULD be doing here – i.e. A GOOD JOB.

FIVERR – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remove Response Ratings.

Oh this problem I’ve had before. No need to freak out. Just contact them by making a report and they’ll fix that bug. I had it and they fixed it. I got another similar message that was marked as spam and deleted automatically and it never affect my response rate at all after they fixed it. So just contact Fiverr about it.

i have the same issue, my response rate is droping without any reason, i’m very responsive… i answer all the request’s quickly and all of them and the pourcentage is on Red now less than 80%

I have the same issue. I, usually, respond the queries within minutes but my response rate has been dropped to 95% dramatically. Its impacting my sales.