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Response Rate Question

I know Response Rates has been talked about in past, but I still don’t understand. How can I have a 75% response rate when I have responded quickly (less than 10 minutes because I have the fiverr app on my phone) to all responses I have received?

If you have responded to all message you have received in the last 30 days (the first messages from each sender I think) within 24 hours of receiving them you should have 100% response rate. If you don’t, it is likely to be a bug. If it’s important you could contact CS.

It would probably be useful to have an option to see what it’s based on, eg. a list of the messages received in the last 30 days (first ones from each sender), the date/time sent, the date/time responded to and whether it was within 24 hours, with a count of all these. That would let people see and check the accuracy of the response rate calc and whether all messages have been responded to more easily.

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So far i know
fiverr response rate
delivery in time shows based on your previous 60 days average.

Sometime i was more active but i saw my response rate is relatively low.

Then cs told me this was mine last 60 days average

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If it’s 60 days, they need to update their “help” pop-up on the analytics page and their FAQ.

This says 30 days:

How does the Response Rate Indicator work?

It tracks the percentage of first responses sent within 24 hours over the last 30 days.

I typed “response rate” in the search bar above and 50 results popped up so I am sure within those there lies the answer to your question.

@lloydsolutions That was the first thing I did. However, all the posts were from 2016 or before and spoke of glitches they thought would be remedied soon. Apparently not.

When I scroll through them there are many more recent ones but they are somewhat mixed up! :slightly_smiling_face:

@uk1000 I read all of that article and set up quick responses as it suggested. I also went back through my inbox and notifications, and I have replied quickly to all messages I received. I do not see any spam messages of any kind. When reading the old posts on this subject from before 2016, it said that spam messages could disappear if they arrived in the night and I did not notice them? I do not understand how that can happen, but maybe Fiverr sees them and removes them, but does not correct my response rate.

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I got this response about the 60 days on last month.
i dnt know whats the updated rules.

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this was part of that article, but the link did not work.

So, When Don’t I Have To Respond?
Some types of messages are not factored into Response Rate:
Spam and Solicitations: You do not have to reply to spam and solicitations in your inbox. Reporting the message as spam will count as your response to those messages.
Reporting a spam message is simple: just click the word “Report” next to a new message, like in the below image.
Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 1.50.13 PM

I guess it is time to contact customer service. I will post my results.
Thanks all for your input.

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So really they should update their help and FAQ to the correct figure. Technically the value shouldn’t be written into those as plain text - it should be the contents of the actual variable so that those are always up to date with the correct figure.

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