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Response Rate Reduction

Response rate reduces, if you report a buyer wanting to communicate with you outside Fiverr.

Observed. Got my rate 5% down.

I guess, I should have responded the buyer with something before reporting.

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If he is a new buyer, it could be they were unaware this is against rules.

Either way, to prevent your response rate from going down, it would be wise to do exactly as you stated and respond first, report second.

A whole 5% is a big number for one response. Are you sure there isn’t a bug of some sort?

When we report, we are not supposed to respond. Isn’t that clear to Fiverr? Most likely their system doesn’t track reporting.

Yes, 5% drop for a single mistake. Again feel bug in a auto system.

Well, that makes sense. It’s actually logical but then again, sometimes logic isn’t always incorporated.

Hum, debating on inserting a smiling or frowning emoji? :thinking:

Frowning would be great :slight_smile:

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Hi Ramesh,

If you still have access to that message, you can undo report, send short answer and report in again.

In that case I think your response rate will go up.

You can read more about response rate & time here:

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