Response Rate- Ruined my sleeping hours


I am literally sleeping next to my PC! Why? because of the response rate. I’ve ruined my sleeping hours, I keep my smartphone next to my bed, so I can hear a beep and wake up to check if this is a message from Fiverr inbox during the night.

I do reply to all of the messages with no exception 100%
And I do it as fast as I can every time except when I am sleeping, but even then I wake myself up to reply so Response rate does not drop.

And when I do sleep properly and I get a message I can’t answer until I wake up. But only to find my response rate dropped again! And dropped my LEVEL!!!

No matter what I do, I just can not keep up with the response rate. Everything else is 100% but not the response rate.

what else do I have to do?

Each time I sleep and I receive a message during the night, because I can’t reply whikle I’m sleeping, my response rate drops. And it keeps dropping me down to Level 1.

Even When I put myself offline and on a vacation, I come back from my vacation, only find out that because of my response rate I was put on LEVEL 0!!

so as you can guess what this also means is that I get NO JOBS!
I have not had any proper orders in 3 months.

I was getting no less then 2 or 3 jobs a week before this response rate thing started.
Not only I lose but fiverr lose too because I don’t get any orders.

How fair is this???
My life has become fiverr’s response rate, and I am becoming ill.

One of my customer asked me why is it that you have over 300 5 star reviews and NOT a Single reviews below 5 stars, BUT YOU ARE ON LEVEL 0???

We providers work hard, very hard to please people with our skills, talents, knowledge and very hard work to make some money, but we are the ones who also make money for fiverr.



Same as my condition…@jackfoster



Your response rate can’t drop down when you don’t answer a message in a couple of hours ( response time can).

Like it’s shown here: it tracks your first response to a message within 24 hours. So if you’re sleeping like 8 hours and answer to a new message after 9 hours, response rate won’t drop.

Perhaps you missed to reply on some spam messages? ( You always have to reply to spam message before reporting it)


Happy birthday @odal456 BTW! :tada::cake::pancakes:

Agree with you also - response rate is only reduced when messages are ignored or responded to after more than 24 hours.


the Same here i guess fiverr has a strange way of dealing with it


my response rate dropped to 80% while I was on vacation. and because of this reason the fiverr software somehow dropped me down to level 0 from level 2.

this is while I was on vacation!
how do we explain that?


As the others said, you only need to respond within 24 hours, no need to ruin your sleeping hours at all.

Regarding spam messages - if just reporting or replying and reporting still makes your response rate drop, try to do what Fiverr writes in one of the help center FAQ, following that exactly helped me keep my response rate up whereas all other reactions to spam messages had always made my rate drop:

So, When Don’t I Have To Respond?
There are types of messages that will not be factored into the Response Rate:
Spam and Solicitations: You do not have to reply to spam and solicitations in your inbox. As long as you report the message as spam, it will not count against you.

Reporting a spam message is simple: just click the word “Report” next to a new message (and all messages from the user). After you report it, you need to delete the message (only the first message if you received a number of messages).

If you had vacation mode on, you shouldn´t have to respond, you told that to support?


After I come back from vacation, within a month, fiverr put me back to level2, I never contacted support or anything. I found that starnge also.

and lately I was back to level 1 again, and noticed because my response rate was 80% again.

I sleep next to my PC almost.

I answer and reply all message with no exception.

no matter what I do, i just can’t seem to go up, and this means I keep going back down to level 0, level 1, level2, then all of a sudden drop to 80% again and drop to level 1 again.

How does this work.

I am becoming sick. This is just too much.

I don’t any jobs nowhere near to what I used to get at all.

it’s ruined my sleeping hours, everytime I hear my phone beep, I know its a message from fiverr, so I wake myself up to reply, just so I can increase the response rate.

its crazy.


I was put down to level 0 from level 2 while I was on vacation. The vacation mode was on.

something is seriously wrong somewhere in the script. not sure what it is, but this is not the first time this happened, it happens all the time.

I just cant figure out why.

it doesnt bother what Level I’m on, but it seems like you get no views when you are down to level 0 or even 1 because I never get the usual amount of job I used to get.


How Often Does Response Rate Change?
It changes daily to reflect the last 60 days.

That should explain how it works.

Hey, nobody said you´re a liar, I didn´t for sure.

I´ve had the experience that my rate dropped for no fault of mine and following the steps in my first post helped me to not have my response rate drop every time I got a spam message. We´re just trying to help here, you know.

Another instance when my rate dropped and I had no clue why, I asked CS. They quoted some messages they said I hadn´t replied to. I had and sent them screenshots, they sent it to the tech team, I never heard anything about it ever again, I guess it was a bug. I had to wait for those 60 days to pass until my rate was back to 100% again.

The rate always reflects the last 60 days.


But you’ve got 24 hours to respond before any harm is done.

Please contact CS to see if they can help - it sounds like this could make you ill. You need your sleep! :bed:


yes I looked at it a few days ago again.
it was at 86% - today I checked aagin, its now 80% >???

I replied to every single message, not missed any message, and never in 24 hours, its always been either immediate or If Im sleeping, its been about 6 hrs at the most.

but its still keeps going down.


I’ve become ill. I can show you my eyes to prove it :frowning:


Please contact CS - I’m sure they’ll be able to help. :slightly_smiling_face:


I did in the past,
all I got was a link to how it worked. and an advice to keep working and it will go up.

so I give up on them for this matter.

fiverr support are usually really good, they respond each time and helped me with many issues.

but this response thing is just making me crazy. no matter what I do it wont go up, and so my Level wont go up.

I gave up my usual day job because I was doing so well at fiverr, but now Im in crisis.


Response rate 3.52%… what is the means of it??


I’m also suffering with same problem. I sleep with my smart phone and 5-6 times I weak up with beep some times its not from fiverr. :frowning:


That would mean you answer fewer than 1 in 25 messages in less than 24 hours? Doesn’t seem quite right to be honest.


I also Never put myself Offline.

I’m on Fiverr 24 hrs 7 days, never log out.
even then it just doesnt help.


Take it easy. The only thing you have to do is respond within 24 hours. Get a solid 7/8 hours of sleep every night, and check your phone in the morning for messages. Respond.
If you keep doing this, over time your response rate will improve.

The fluctuation you see is now because (most probably) in the past 60 days you have been responding not fast enough on messages. Since the system calculates every day what your response rate is, this changes all the time. Maybe you missed 5 messages in the last 60 days and only have been responding to 3 messages since then. It all makes sense.

Just take it easy, make sure you respond within 24 hours, when you can’t go in out of office mode and no new seller can contact you. In a few weeks time your stats will be fine again.