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Response Rate- Ruined my sleeping hours


my response time is 1hr. and I can see it very clearly. but my response rate shows 80%
it was in fact 86% last week, and I never missed a single reply to an inquiry.

I respond to all messages usually immediately, I even wake up to respond.

I can’t figure this out. it keeps happening.

my response time is always showing 1 hr!


I think response time is measured over all time period, response rate on 60 days.
That’s why it fluctuates that much.


If this is true (Like everyone else here, I am not calling you a liar) and you have also been responding to spam messages, then there is a bug in the system. Ask Customer support to refresh your dashboard because that should not happen.

Regardless of the rate, waking up in the middle of the night makes no sense. It won’t help with that issue so stop hurting yourself and turn off the phone at night. I check messages for only 12 hours per day - my Response Rate is 100% and my response time is 2 hours.


not sure.
but I do know for fact I respond to all messages almost immediately, except when Im a sleep, but even then I wake myself up to reply as well. because I need my level 2 back.
but this is just too much rules on fiverr sellers. I am at 100% on everything else.
and I am at 5 stars with over 400 orders. Not a single 4 star or below!
Even then I was dropped down to level 1 and 0.

How perfect can we be? even tho we try, we just cant win these fiverr rules and how the script works.


hmm. that is very strange. My response time is always 1 hrs and but my response rate keep dropping. I check my dashboard almost everyday.

I think you are right. I should get in touch with fiverr support.
Reason I didnt I feel they always fob you off with this kind of things as they said it is the script and the software and they can’t do anything as last time I asked them to check it.

I certainly should not have been put down to Level 0 while I was on vacation!
I came back, logged in, turned off vacation mode, and then was shocked to see fiverr dropped me down to level 0. I asked them why, they never had a proper answer and said, it was my response rate, how can I respond while on vacation?


This is likely because there are hundreds of people complaining about the same thing but who legitimately have low response rate. Be very specific in what you say and don’t ramble on about it.

My response rate is inaccurate. I know I have responded to all messages, even spam. Can you please refresh my account/dashboard/stats to see if there is a bug because I have tried everything else.
That’s it - no need to mention anything about your sleep pattern or complain about anything - Just the Issue + what you want them to do.

You could also go through all of your messages for the past 60 days and check them manually - if you really want, you could make a table showing the response time of each new message you received.


Thank you!
I’ll send them a message right now.
Hopefully they’ll help me out.


Cool, and then turn off your phone and PC tonight - a good sleep fixes a lot of things :smiley:


I’ve just sent a message to fiverr support.
I’ll update the outcome here, it may help others.


Fiverr support got back to me.

Apparently I did not reply to a spam!

Well, this is so unfair :frowning:

Because of some idiot I suffer, and I suffer sleepless hours and I suffer loss of income.

How unfair is this?

What is fiverr trying to do to it’s sellers?

By the rules of fiverr, we are suppose to respond to spams either by replying or by reporting.
I didn’t do any of this somehow I can’t remember why, I probably just thought bto ignore it.
Now I know the rules about spam and replying or reporting but why should some idiot spammer cause me so much stress to a seller.

I replied back to fiverr support and awaiting a reply to reconsider my issue.

Another strange thing happened today!
I was on 80% response rate today.

Since fiverr support mentioned I was on 78% I went and checked my dashboard and to my surprise it was right. I’ve been dropped down to 78% within the past 6 hours or so!

can you guys believe that?

I’ve been on the fiverr platform all day today literally. and during this time I went down to 78% from 80% for no reason.

what is going on???
I’m going crazy here.

fiverr support as usual telling me about the rules.
There is something wrong, I can’t keep dropping down for no reasons.

This is nuts!


When can we use “Mark as read” so it doesn’t count as No response?

I always thought if I clicked on “Mark as read” it would count as a response.
was I wrong?


You just need to respond to the first message sent - whether it is spam or a million dollar customer. That’s what the rate is based on, the first message alone.
It is not difficult to do and this is why everyone above asked you if you had missed one. If you were unaware that this was necessary to do then it is possible/probably that it was not just once. The Response Rate evolves over 60 periods so you messages you responded to 61 days ago will have dropped off the calculations today, hence the drop today.

There is nothing crazy about it, nothing difficult to fixing this - just respond to every one. To spam messages, just respond “No” and dont respond again. That’s it.
At least you have your solution now and can ensure that it doesnt happen again!

Yes, that’s why people asked you that.
Marking as read just means you read it.


I appreciate you spending the time to provide a well written response. I hope other sellers with similar issues see this. I hope the person who requested it actually reads it.


I think I got it.

so it is the very FIRST message we need to respond.

How stupid I have been! I never knew it was the very first message that was the main one we had to respond for the response rate.

I’m sure there are 100s or even 1000s of sellers here who never knew this either.

Sorry to everyone who got annoyed with me :slight_smile:
And thanks to everyone who helped me with this.

I still don’t get why fiverr dropped my response rate and dropped me to level 0 while I was on vacation even tho the Vacation-Mode was fully on.

I suppose I should to get back support and ask them about it.
I was shocked to see myself al Level 0 on my return from vacation.


It is only simple when you know the answer :slight_smile:. I am sure you are right about the numbers of people who don’t know about it. Checking in on the forum every couple of days is a great way to pick up little insights like this. In addition, asking questions here gets you answers much quicker than elsewhere and there are lots of experienced sellers (as you saw) that are ready to help out when they can.

As to being demoted when on vacation, I suspect this is because your stats were down before that or the 60 day period including your vacation did not measure up. Vacation could not be allowed as an exception or else everyone would go on vacation from the 14th to the 16th and avoid the evaluation :smiley:

I would suggest forgetting about trying to get your level back through contacting CS - I am unaware of ANYONE who has had a level restored that way. Instead, take this as a lesson learned, start getting good sleep and focus on your work during work hours. Keep that up and you will get the levels back in good time.


Thank you! Lesson learned.


Good for you…


You could try it maybe.


if this is a joke, it’s not funny :slight_smile:


Sometimes I wish that I could sleep for 24 hours…