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Response Rate Shows 85%?

I don’t know why its show 85% response rate. Becoz I’m very active on Fiverr and Reply all the queries with in couple of hours.

You can see on My Pic. All perfect Just Response rate low.

If i send custom order request to my previous client and they don’t response. that effect my Response rating. Becoz i have send some request and i see those buyer are not active on fiverr.

Now i can improve my response rate.

It has nothing to do with sending a request to a previous client. The response rate is based on how quickly you respond to the FIRST message someone sends to YOU.

If you have answered all messages, I would check to see if there are any SPAM messages that have been sent to you, as these may be impacting your answer rate. I had this occur a week or so ago, and had to write to customer service so they could adjust my answer rate as I was being penalized for SPAM that had been moved to the SPAM folder in messages, that I could not reply to! They did fix it for me.


Ohh shit you’re right I have one spam message that effect my previous month rating too.

Try writing to customer service and asking nicely if they would please take a look at your response rate, as you feel it may be impacting your % and your ability to stay at the level you are or move up during the next evaluation period. Tell them that it is due to spam that you have not been able to even answer.

I would suggest not swearing in your request to customer service though.