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Response rate solution

Hi everybody some days I was out of fiverr. so my response rate now 0% how I can increase it.

Your response rate represent your response rate over the past 30 days. If you respond quickly to every message for the next 30 days, your response rate should be back to normal. You should download the Fiverr app so you can respond to messages even when you’re on the move.

You can read more about response time and rate here:

Best of luck :slight_smile:

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Here is the response I got from CS about Response Rate


The reason the response rate changes even though you keep answering messages is because it checks back all the messages within 30 days. So on days you get less messages, the percentage those two unanswered ones have increases, therefore decreasing your rate percentage, so it fluctuates.

For example, if 30 days ago you got 10 messages that day and now you have, say, 20 messages you responded to within the last 30 days. Then a day passes and you only get 5 messages, the 10 messages from 31 days ago will no longer be calculated and the number of messages you’ve answered in the last 30 days changes from 20 to 15. Thus the ratio goes from 2/20 to 2/15 and your response rate will drop.


So the key is not only to answer messages but to get messages to answer to keep your response rate from dropping if it is below 100%. If you are not getting messages from new buyers and your response rate is below 100%, it will keep dropping even if you answer all messages since the initial drop.

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Thanks #smashradio I follow your advise

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I think that’s ridiculous that even with a fast response rate that if I go days without new messages, my rate is down. Most of my clients pay for a gig without even talking to me, so my response rate is always around 60% even though I answer every message within two hours. :frowning:


I think when someone knocks you then try to then try to reply them so quick as much you can

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mommy monster you are right.I fact this problem so many time

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