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Response Rate, Spam Messages, Seller Rating - BUGGY

I respond to messages right away, however, my response rate has been dropping. Is there a bug?

My inbox gets flooded with spam messages, and Fiverr claims it will not affect my response right, even when you cannot report it or contact the user anymore. What’s the story?

Today, I noticed my seller rating on my seller page says N/A…but on a different page it is 4.9…

Lastly, I do not receive many buyers…and the claim is to make your page better, description better, video, etc…yet other users have thousands of buyers and reviews. How could it be so lopsided?

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On your dashboard/analytics page it might say N/A if you haven’t had a rating in the last 60 days. The 4.9 stars on your Fiverr profile is your all-time average.

The response rate is based on the last 60 days. There can be a bug and you can ask CS to check it if you’re quite sure it’s incorrect. It has in the past lowered for messages that are automatically flagged as spam when it shouldn’t. Contacting them can fix the stats if they’re wrong and they might one day fix the bug (assuming it still exists).


So how do I contact customer service?

Click on

You could also contact instead.

I was looking for these…they seem to be buried deep…Thank you

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Is this a joke? After posting this today and sending a support ticket in today, my response rate dropped from 91% to 50% in 2 hours

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Fiverr CS can fix it if it’s wrong (ie. recalculate the stats). Discuss it with them in the the support ticket and attaching screenshots in the support ticket could help (if you haven’t already added some), eg. screenshots showing all messages from the last 60 days were responded to within 24 hours or were flagged as spam.

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Definitely they will help out.

Basically, working with customer support this was like pulling teeth. (Does anybody know what that expression means?)
Getting customer support to actually do something right was extremely frustrating and felt like I had to prove my innocence to them. Eventually, the issue was kinda fixed.

Now, I find myslef in this predicament again. This time, after my evaluation, my response time went from 1 hour to 8 DAYS on the pc…192 hours on the app
I have repeatedly contacted customer support to fix this because I never received a notification about a user messaging me…Even after a history of replying to messages right away, I still find myself trying to convince customer support. This is pathetic, wrong, disgusting, and frustrating!!!