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Response Rate Still Going Down?!

I am really confused.

I got demoted 2 days ago from Level 2 to Level 1, based on my ‘Response’ rate dropping to 83% because we’d failed to reply to every one of an absolute deluge of answers we received when asking for an illustrator for a job we needed doing.

We routinely answer our buyers every time we get an enquiry and although we though to be penalised in this way, was a bit unfair, we’ve sucked it up and carried on, determined to answer absolutely every time ANYONE messages us about ANYTHING.

What concerns me is that since adopting this blanket answering policy, my response rate dropped again to 82% yesterday and to 81% today. I am completely out of ideas why this is happening and am worried that I’m going to lose yet more status on Fiverr due to what seems like glitch or an unfair set of parameters.



You need to keep in mind that the rate reflects the past 60 days, so it´s fluid and can change daily.
If that also can´t explain it, you can ask Customer Support, I´ve had it happen that my rate sank inexplicably and they pointed out two people they said I hadn´t replied to. I had, though, and sent them screenshots. Not that it helped my rate though, it took quite a while for it to get back to 100, they don´t seem to reset it at all now even if it´s a technical glitch.


To add to the very helpful answer of @miiila; the metric takes only the first answer to a new buyer into account. So you don’t have to respond to every message immediately in an ongoing conversation.

Of course, for your business and customer satisfaction, it’s always better to respond as soon as possible. For the metric, it doesn’t matter.

See also this explanation on cancelation rate i posted earlier:


You are correct. I had a similar situation in which I reported a spam message right away. Rate dropped, contacted CS, was told tough nuts. You are correct that in the EXACT EVENT OF THEIR MISTAKE they will still penalize you. It stings a little more that they tell you, “You are correct. This was an error in our reporting system”.

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I’m up to 86% so it’s getting better slowly.

I can confirm it’s not effecting sales or views thankfully!

Have faith we can beat this!

I was demoted last month for the first time in my life to level 2 after being the No. 1 translator on fiverr. I have been doing everything to improve the response rate even waking up in the middle of the night to answer to the damn messages, answering messages in the order page, rating users and after my demotion I went from 88% to 91% then it started dropping slowly and today I woke up with 89%, I don’t know if theoretically that means I will be demoted to level 1?

How is this even possible? I have been working on fiverr for more than 6 years, probably 4 years as top level seller. I have just contacted support.

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this happening to me too and i dont understand why its droping

I just talked to them and complained that cancellatiom rates affected my response rate although 90% were the clients’ fault. They said they couldn’t do anything so I’m getting demoted twice in 31 days even though I kept perfect rates on this month. They don’t care about us. I have been here since the beginning, saw this site grow and thrive, made them lots of money. All I can say is No Loyalty.