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Response rate suddenly dropped to 89% without clear reason

Hi! The past month I’ve started receiving more and more orders and now use Fiverr daily. One hour response time and 100% response rate, as it should be with any seller.

Then this morning I see that my response rate has dropped to 89%. I’ve checked all orders and messages and can’t find a reason to this sudden change. Only two things happened yesterday:

  • Yesterday I blocked a guy who messaged me about creating an account on Upwork. He was blocked automatically at first but I was unsure why so I unblocked him to see what he wanted. As soon as he started talking about Upwork I said “now I know why you were blocked as spam” and immediately blocked him again.

  • A larger order was automatically marked as “complete” this morning. The buyer has not replied and the last message is my order delivery in the order window. In our non-order chat window, the last message is from me from when the order begun.

Neither of these should affect the response rate, which I believe takes into account activities for the last 30 days. I’m guessing Mr. spam guy could be at fault (since he is now blocked again I can’t see messages from him, but I’m assuming he has replied to my last message after I reported and blocked him).

What can I do to get my response rate back to 100?

Hi Johan. I´ve had my response rate drop no matter what I did with such messages - ignore, un-spam and reply then re-block, report. It should not affect response rate, but seems to be buggy for some people unfortunately.

I´d write to CS with an explanation and screenshot/link to the ‘conversation’, they re-set my rate in those cases.

I contacted support. They resolved it quickly and my rate is back to normal :slight_smile: I’m certain it’s a bug with spam messages.


Well that’s great that you can rely on the support team like that! So cool it’s fixed for you. Awesome!

I had that happen to me on Friday - a person wrote me a message that Fiverr auto-flagged as spam. I did not respond, and it dropped my stats. My stats went from 100% to 97%, so I am not too bent out of shape about it and don’t feel it worth spending the resources of Customer Service for. They’ll come up again soon.

It is an annoying bug, though.

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