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Response Rate suddenly turns down to 99%

Hi There,

Actually I don’t understand the reason why my response rate decreases by 1%. I always answer within 1 hour of time to my new buyers message. That’s why my average response time is 1 Hour.

But Some times I don’t respond to my buyers last message specially when I don’t agree with their terms. Is this the reason to decrease it?

Experts please advise.

The response rate is pretty broken… I talked to support a few times about this and it’s still broken, mine is at 94% right now, I still reply to everything, but if someone send me a message in the middle of the night and I reply in the morning it will drop because “I took too long” to reply!

From my experience anything over 90% won’t affect your sales so if it drops below 90% shout at support till they fix it! That has been my experience so far!

Thanks @lucyagag for your valuable feedback.

mine seems to be messed up as well. I have to say this has been the silliest feature that Fiverr introduced so far, I hate it! ~X(

Hi, I as well inquired to Support about this issue, it seems like a bug.

I was told it does not effect your public profile.