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Response Rate suggestion


Overall I don’t have a lot of orders. 1 slow answer to an inquiry really can mess me up for 2 months. However, many people don’t even MESSAGE me first — they just order. And most of those I not only answer but I fill the 2-day order within 2 hours or so. It would improve my “first response rate” if it INCLUDED my response to a new order in which someone didn’t even have a conversation with me first. After all, that IS part of good customer service as well, and not including it is penalizing me for people who message me first only. I can’t make people message me so I can fix my rate — with under 10 message inquiries in 2 months just 1 problem and I’m doomed.

So my request is that if the only contact with a customer is via an order, then that should count towards the response rate count.

Otherwise it just keeps getting worse as inquiries age out of the 60 day window, even though I’m still filling orders and responding to new order-only customers within the appropriate window.


Thank you @eclectictllc you talk to very important topic. As a new seller there are many things to know. It’s very helpful for me.