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Response Rate Summary


I thought I’d post a summary of what we know so far just from the blog post since some never saw it. Once Fiverr expands on anything that isn’t addressed, I hope they update it.

  • Response Rate = What percentage of inbox messages you reply to within 24 hours. You'll find this percentage to the left of your inbox. Everyone's Response Rate was reset to zero on May 4th. After that, it reflects the last 30 days of activity.

  • Response Time = How quickly you respond to a new request (conversation) in your inbox. You'll find this time on your profile. Response time is based on the last 30 days of a seller’s activity and tracks the amount of time it takes for a seller to respond when first contacted by a user.

  • Response Rate is only visible to sellers. Response Time is visible to buyers.

  • Replying within 24 hours is necessary for your response to be tracked.

If anyone has seen official word adding anything else, let us know!

Since buyers can't see the Response Rate, it doesn't matter to me unless it affects something on the back end (like levels). The blog says responsiveness influences the traffic sellers receive.

Some took that to mean Fiverr would give priority ranking in search to users with a higher Response Rate, but I haven't seen confirmation that responsiveness actually does anything.

Also, if it's necessary to reply within 24 hours for your response to be tracked, what does that mean?

1) That you're out of luck after that window closes, which would explain why your percentage doesn't improve by going back to respond to older messages you missed (until those messages no longer fall within the month being used to calculate your responsiveness)?


2) That a message no longer matters after 24 hours, so it's fine to ignore spam and other nonsense entirely? In either case, it's a monthly average, so I can see it going up or down like some have mentioned.

Some also mentioned seeing their rate drop after responding to messages. Assuming it isn't just a bug, it's possible the Response Rate being displayed only updates once you "trigger" it by responding to a new conversation on a new day.

Overall, more details would be nice. I respond to everything except spam (which I don't even report), I'm not always the last person to respond in conversations, and I don't use the app at all. My Response Rate is always 100% and my Response Time is 1 hour. So at least for me, ignoring spam does nothing and letting a buyer have the last word does nothing.


I have responded to every message since May 4 but mine is less than 100%.


I did not respond to my constant non buying annoyer.


My response rate just drop to 75% (It was always 100% before) and I don’t even know why .


Not responding to that non buying annoyer might have dinged you, unfortunately. Even though the details are out there, there’s always the fact that the system may not work as intended anyway, so there will still be issues. Who knows.


I had mine go up to 100%, and then drop to 86% for no reason. I contacted customer service who said they will look into it but meanwhile I remain at 86%.


I respond to ALL correspondence yet my rate is 87! I don’t get it???


Seriously for past 8 months I’m in level 2 seller. This month my response rate went down twice and my badge level went down wtf. I always replay within 5 mins.


We lost our top-rated seller badge because of our dipping response rate. No matter how quickly we respond, we don’t get enough messages anymore to kick up that percentage. So, we feel we’ve been penalized for the algorithm kicking us to the curb. It’s really unfortunate because our sales dipped to half of what we were making even before we lost or top-rated status… no idea how this is going to affect us now.