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Response Rate Tracking?


In my inbox, there’s this little green progress bar on the left-hand side (under the list of different message boxes and tags and such), titled Response Rate. Underneath there’s this notation that says, “Tomorrow, May 4th, we start tracking. How does it work?” I’m sure you guys have this to and going into all of this detail was completely unnecessary, but I already typed it, so there.

Clicking on “How does it work?” takes me to a Fiver blog article that provides about zero information on how they are going to be tracking my response rate. Does anyone have any information about how this is going to work? It sounds like they’re going to start tracking whether or not (and how quickly) we respond to all of the messages we get. If that’s the case…UGH, really? Is that going to include whether or not we respond to spam or nonsense messages? Is it going to track whether or not we respond to every single message a buyer sends us, so that every thread will become “Thank you!” “No, thank you!” “No, thank you!” and on and on (not that maybe specifically, but having to respond to every “thanks” or “Okay, I’ll order now,” etc.). Sure, it says that it only tracks responses to the first message–but it says that specifically relating to our response time and doesn’t really give the specific criteria for response rate…which worries me.

I would just like to be informed about how this is going to affect my profile (like, is there going to be a “Response Rate” percentage added to my profile, in addition to my review ranking and average response time?), before it actually starts to affect my profile, you know?


I second that!

Need an answer on that myself!

One thing i started doing meanwhile, adding fast response to the type of messages i get on a regular basis, that will eliminate some of the time wasted on answering spam and none none sense messages like "can you do this and that and those in one gig?"

Also it is helpful with “how to order your gig” question!

I did read the blog providing some tips on the response rate feature, however, i still wonder how the rate will be affected being on a different time zone than most of my buyers!




I don’t respond to 80% of my messages for various reasons. It’s how I weed out potentially problem customers. If you send me a message from my banner ad gig asking if I do banner ads and how much I charge, then I just don’t respond. I mean, if you can’t read, then I’m gonna have a hard time working with you.

The rest are nonsense, spam, in a foreign language, etc. If I get an actual, legitimate message then I respond immediately.


yes response time is the time you use to answer a message.Now its important to answer each and every message.

This response rate will be visible to sellers and it effects the buyer also because seller will see who is efficient and respond in time.He/she will definitely prefer buyer with higher response rate then others.This is a piece of crap for buyer but from seller’s point of view it is something that worth.


Reply to @jtengle: That’s what I’m worried about. I always respond to legitimate messages ASAP. I’ll even respond to the ones that are like “I need 400 words, how much will you charge?” But what about all the rest of the messages? The ones asking me to “audition” by sending them a custom sample or are asking for a discount before they’ve even told me what the project is about (specifically: the ones I always just ignore)? I guess a quick response that just says, “Sorry, not interested.” …sigh.


I guess I can just ignore this feature/seller control mechanism. I haven’t ever cared about my ranking or searched for my own gigs and still get more work than I can handle. As long as they don’t demote my level I’m happy.