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Response Rate unfairly dropped

I’m really struggling to enjoy using this platform lately.

For the past couple years I have built up a professional business and was always happy that Fiverr have their 20% commission.

Now though, when I find my 100% response rate has been penalised to 89% (days before my next level evaluation) I get told it’s because I didn’t reply to user…in a timely manner. THEY ARE IN MY SPAM. They requested a service I don’t offer, shall we say.

When will Fiverr look after it’s sellers as well as the buyers. Really losing patience with this.

I’m hopeful that my return buyers pay no attention to the ‘seller level’ and go by what I’m actually like to work with.

Has anyone else found their dashboard scores go haywire when they play by the book?


You still need to respond to every first-time message. Failing to respond to first-time messages will make your response rating fall. Messages that won’t affect you, are clearly marked as “this will not affect your rating”, AND, you won’t be able to respond to them.

If you get a first-time message, and can respond to it, do so, even if to say, “no thank you”.


Yeah, some people say the “this won’t affect your response rate” works for them, but I’ve found it did on a few occasions, so I usually fish those messages out of the litter box, reply briefly and re-spam them. It’s annoying but a matter of getting used to it.


Because that’s how Fiverr works.

Then don’t say, “no thank you”. Say, “I’m not interested”… heck, even say, “no”. But say something to clear the response timer. A first time message is a first time message. You need to respond to them – however you choose to respond to them – so that they don’t affect your response rate.

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I’m looking at it with the foresight that it doesn’t need to be ‘that’s the way Fiverr works’

They make changes to processes. This should be one that’s looked into.

It is unwise to be stubborn on principle. Fiverr works the way that it works, and you need to abide by the format and rules if you want to maintain an account in good standing, and positive metrics.

Complaining that you don’t want to do something, is not going to make things magically change. Fiverr is the way that it is. You can either work with what exists, or suffer a loss in metrics/ratings.

You agreed to follow Fiverr’s rules and formats when you created your seller account.


I know, this is the Ranting Pot but I think that’s a bit dramatic for an issue like this, they don’t judge us, and they certainly don’t intend this to happen (see the "This won’t affect your response rate), it’s clearly a bug, as it does not affect everyone. And of course it should work, but if it doesn’t, I’m better off spending 3 seconds to click the message, reply “Not interested” and re-spam than to contact support to ask them to reset my response rate which takes me much more time, is all.

Anyway, if you’d like that to be looked at, you can send a ticket to support and ask them to forward it to the relevant team. I just didn’t have much luck with some of the technical bugs that affect my account, so I prefer to deal myself with what I can quickly deal with myself - I have a much more annoying bug which I still have an open ticket for and could rant about for hours but I think I probably have already so I’ll spare this thread as it’s OT anyway :wink:

I do get you, absolutely, but it’s not a matter of unfair, it’s a bug, IMO, and your options are either “getting used to” or telling support … just that I think many people already did, I don’t even know how often I asked them to reset my response rate in the past, when that bug was much more common :slight_smile:


Thanks both. I’ve been speaking with support and they’re not seeing it as a bug which is why I’m scratching my head on this one.

I think this issue comes down to what I want/need out of a platform to sell orders from my business. I like to have more control over the way I run things so I guess naturally there will be friction. Thanks again for advice and views!

I don’t respond to messages I mark as spam and it works.

I recently blocked someone without marking them as spam first and that did knock 1% off my response rate but it was restored to 100% after I contacted CS. So maybe contacting them would be a good idea in your case.

UPD If CS doesn’t see it as an issue and doesn’t want to restore the metric, it’s indeed confusing. I’d try another CS agent in a few days to try and get any kind of useful response from them.


You can reply them with rejection @jhvoices

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I agree with @jonbaas and @miiila. You do it to keep your response rate up. You can even reply (.) and then block or report them.:wink:

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My response rate has dropped too. I respond to everyone - even if they say Thank You I send back a quick comment. For some reason overnight my rate dropped 2%! I have tried to get feedback too but no real explanation as to why I am now bumped to page two and orders have dropped to nothing after 2-3 a day for several months!

Your remarks clearly telling that you need to offer something new, something more challenging, and more attractive. Your previous cropping season is at the end, and it need new seeds to regrow your online presence. In digital world’s language, you need to optimize your gigs. :slight_smile: Wish you good luck.