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Response rate unfairly reduced

Hi all,

I’m quite new to Fiverr and have been enjoying my experience up until now.

During the night whilst i was asleep a spam email came in and when i woke up i tried to reply to them but couldn’t because Fiverr had left this response in the email:

’y088ks1p can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate.'

So imagine my shock when i login this morning to find that Fiverr has gone ahead and reduced my response rate to 86%. How can they justify this when they even said in the email that ‘This will not affect your response rate’?

I pride myself on replying to all emails within an hour and up until now had a 100% response rate.
I’m quite shocked that Fiverr have done this to my account and was just wondering if anybody has had this happen to them and how best to resolve it?



Hello Paul,

I did encounter similar situation before in which my response rate got reduced, even if i have no new messages in my inbox. I believe you should contact Fiverr Customer Support, they should be able to clarify the situation for you and perhaps get it back to normal. At least, this is how it worked for me. It was a mistake which they then corrected.


I think it’s against Fiverr ToS to mention the buyer’s username on forum, if this is the real username. I would recommend removing it from the post.


The truth is I don’t think there is a seller who will retain a 100% response rate in the long run. Also this is not a big issue because the rating will reset to 100 after sometime.

Unfortunately, it is a big issue. As far as i know, if you have less than 90%, you won’t be eligible for Level 1 or level 2 seller. Thus, it is an important factor to keep your level or get promoted to a new one.


Thank you youssefkamel,

I contacted customer support as you suggested and thankfully they apologized and set it back to 100% so all is good now.
Cheers for your help.


I have this same issue and now a Response Rate that has not been updating even as I respond to new orders and messages.
How do I contact Customer Support?

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Here is the link: for Customer Support.

Hi profitbyenergy,

I had the same problem and wanted you to know what I discovered; I found that if I replied to new clients from my phone, the message did not always get stored in my sent messages so I was later horrified to find my response rate dropped!

The clients did receive the messages I had sent but the clients also say that after they read my messages, the messages disappeared from their inboxes. Therefore, I could not even produce screenshots to show I had written back to them.

I find that if I always–without fail–only respond to new clients from the laptop, this issue does not happen. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: Customer service were no help at all in this matter by the way. I was just told I was failing to respond to clients–even though the clients had received the messages!? Crazy…


And not only you won’t be promoted. You may also lose your level if your response rate drops below 90%.

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