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Response rate up down why this happened?

Last night I had 89 response rate. One client knocked me then it grows up to 90%.And again now it’s 89 why this happened with me?


Because your profile pic says ****… which is not a community friendly word. :rofl:

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How to change this can you help me?

You already changed your profile picture.

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Now have a look is there everything OK?


Watching those stats go up and down can drive you crazy. You make some progress one day and are relieved and the next day back down they go for unknown reasons. So you wait a month or more and finally they make a move up, then back down again farther than ever. :weary: Up and down constantly, along with your levels. My hands shake now when I go to the analytics page. My heart races.

I remember back when I would work all night I used to see those friendly albeit strange messages on fiverr that said something like “hi misscrystal, we love working all night too.” I appreciated the sense they tried to give that we were all friendly and in this together, and all on the same side. Those were nice messages.


The rate goes up and down. Maybe last week you ignored a message for a few days and the rate went down according to that - just an example.

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Sellers at level 0 have it made and don’t know it. Nowhere to go but up. :arrow_up:
no need for tranquilizers :pill: I’m joking of course, I know it has it’s own reasons for stress to be at zero.

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I’m at 87% in my Delivery rate. 3 more percents and I get to have add 3 more gigs, and finally all of my gigs. It’s literally been a year since my gigs have been in suspension.


Funny, my response rate has stayed at 98% even though I answer every message and order.

My Order Completion Rate has taken forever to rise from 84% to 86%, but if I refund just one order, I will lose 1%.

It’s getting to the point where I’m starting not to care.

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You can get Support to check your responses and they will do so. They’ll tell you which messages caused the fluctuation if it’s not a glitch and if it is a glitch they will reset it to 100%.


Thanks for the tip. I know there are three messages, probably spam, that I’m not able to answer or even delete.

Should I contact support? I’m always reluctant to bother them. I suppose they can always prioritize requests.

Sure why not? Just keep it short and easy to understand. And just one message to them.


I agree with MC, no harm in getting them to help and in my experience they love easy-resolution questions because they rarely get them. :stuck_out_tongue: They know there are some messages you never even see because of the spam system. My own method is to contact them if I get below 98% since sometimes I hover between 98-100 and as time passes it just fixes itself. I don’t trust the system to fix it once I start seeing 97-95% - too close for comfort.


it’s is normal brother @designlover111

Thank you for this! Very interesting

Thanks for your advice, not to mention @fonthaunt. I did as y’all suggested, we’ll see what happens.

Hi @fastcopywriter,

Hope this can help you know how many orders you need to complete without cancellation, for a given period of time, to bring up whatever amount of percentage points.

(Completed orders + Amount of completed orders needed without cancellation) / (Total amount of orders + Amount of completed orders needed without cancellation) = Order Completion Rate / 100

Let’s say we’re looking back 30 days from today and in that time span your total amount of orders is 22 and your completed orders is 18 (you had 4 cancellations). Being so, your order completion rate is 82%.

If you want to take it up to 86%, you will need 7 complete orders and no cancellations.

(18 + x) / (22 + x) = 0.86
18 + x = 0.86*22 +0.86x
(1 - 0.86)x = 18.92 - 18
0.14x = 0.92
x = 6.57 => x = 7


I’m terrible at math, but I appreciate your help.

Looking at the graph below, and knowing that analytics are always changing, can we deduce that when the highlighted cancellation from Nov 29 goes away, my order completion rate will increase by 1%?

That is my hope, When I count the cancellations, I only see 8. Of course, the gray sometimes includes more than one cancellation, there are days I had 2 cancellations/refunds.

This December has been hard. I’ve made $484 and refunded $128. That’s 26.44% of my income

November: 12.07%
October: 7%

I wish all my buyers would pay for the things they buy.

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