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Response rate vs Average response rate

I am having 100% response rate in conversation panel but in my profile it is showing 10 hours of average response rate. Is it a bug or what?


I’d guess that your response rate indicates that you always get back to someone, no matter the time. The quicker you respond the better, 10 hours isn’t the worst but it could be a lot better. I’d say try to keep in less than 3.

100% Response rate means that you have always responded, 10 hours of average response rate means that the average time you take to respond is 10 hours.

I dont usally take 10 hours to respond unless I am sleeping

Ask the Customer Support then.


Response Rate means your response to a sender within 24 hrs of the message received. So if 100 percent, it means that you have replied to all of the messages within first 24 hrs.

Average Response rate means that on average you take 10 hrs to respond to a message.

I hope it is clear now.


I have average response time 1 hour and Response rate 89%. I never missed a message and I don’t get it where is the 89% coming from? I think there are a lot of bugs currently in the fiverr system which mostly reflect us the sellers.


I’m having the SAME issue. Response rate HOVERS at 88 or 89 percent and I reply to EVERY inquiry.

Response rate - also factors in - if you have responded within 24 hours.
Maybe it took you longer to respond to a few.

***Didn’t notice that myounas853 had already answered this above :slight_smile:

I’m STILL having this issue. I literally keep my account open 24 hours and responds asap, I’ve responded to EVERY messsage/inquiry I get and my response rate is still only showing at 89% and it’s effecting MY Rating. HELP FIVERR!!!

Same here!!! My response rate stuck at 92% and I couldn’t use the Available Options. If it’s effective with the value of last 60 days average response, then I’ve to say that they have a bug to count the Response Rate. Because in last 60 days, I replied all the message within 2-3hrs!!!