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Response rate warning with 0%

A seller msg me for ask a job for him
and I didn’t reply for it
now my response rate 0%
what can I do for it


There’s not much that you can do right now except respond to him. I would say that to bring your response rate back up, you should try to answer all the messages that you receive! I hope this helps!

You need to learn how Fiverr works.

If you don’t respond to messages, your response rate drops - and this will impact on where your gigs appear in the search results.

You’ve obviously only received one message - this is why your response rate is zero.

Had you received two messages, and responded to one - your response rate would be 50%.

You can only increase your response rate be receiving messages and responding to them within 24 hours.


It depends if it’s been >24 hours since the original message. If it has then responding won’t help (I’m not sure if it would if it was also marked as spam or whether it has to be marked as spam within 24 hours to be not counted against the response rate).

And responding to the message after 24 hours would make the response time high and that would show to buyers. Though I don’t know if it’s better algorithm-wise to respond anyway even though the response time would go high.

You’re right about the response time going up, which is available to the public. I didn’t think of that! I would rather have a lower response rate than a high response time, but it could be different for everybody!

If the seller is close to moving up to a new level, then they probably should respond so that their response rate is above 90%. However, this user said that after not responding to only 1 message, their response rate went to 0%, so this must have been the first message/potential order that they received.