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Response Rate was affected when it said it wouldn't be

I got a note from a potential buyer. It looked like a scam (insisting I only talk with them off fiverr, offering lots of money for zero work) and when I went to respond it said, “soandso(not their real name) can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate.”

That’s nice. I don’t have to deal with a scam. Nice job Fiverr people.

So today, I’m looking at my Analytics
My response rate is down to ZERO!

Um, so it did affect my response rate. Could you help me understand where I went wrong?


Email customer services

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Thank you.
I was worried I had done something wrong.

Please update us once you are done with CS, I am facing on-time delivery percentage problem for two weeks. I doubt, there is a bug in Fiverr app due to which statistics values are not correct.

@fibrefarmer You might have unmarked the message as spam.
If you didn’t then you can contact with the support.

How do I mark a message as spam?
I cannot open the message to read it.

@fibrefarmer Contact with fiverr customer support.

I did yesterday, but maybe it takes a few days for them to reply?

They got back to me. All fixed.
They suggest contacting them if something like this happens again.

thanks everyone for your help.

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