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Response Rate was stuck at 50% until I messaged support, and now its 0%

Hi there all,

I’m new to these forums so I apologize if this has been discussed before, or if it belongs on a different message board.

I’m fairly certain there’s a bug in my account of some sort and I’m unsure how to fix it. Prior to today, my response rate was stuck at 50%. So, I worked hard for the past month to try to get it to budge forward a little bit before my next evaluation. I responded to every message I’ve received in a timely manner. I’ve even told clients that I’ll get back to them as soon as I’m back home or in my office. I’ve always communicated with my clients through the order page, once their order was started.

So, my evaluation came and went and response rate didn’t change. I created a ticket with support asking if this was a bug and went to bed. This morning I woke up to 0% Response Rate. I checked the ticket and a gentleman by the name “Santiago” said:

“I checked into this for you, and your response rate is currently 0%. You have not answered the only message you have received on the last 60 days on time. Your Response Rate tracks the percentage of first responses you sent within 24 hours over the last 60 days. Reporting a message as spam is considered a response to a message. So if you receive an inappropriate or spammy message that you are unable to respond to, please report it within 24 hours.”

This is weird because I’ve received a lot messages over the past 60 days, from a couple of different clients, not just one. I even responded to a separate person who just said “hi” and never responded back. Because of his response, I’m now sure there is something wrong with my account. I updated the ticket and told him to check again, because I’ve been replying to everything in a timely manner. I even included screenshots of my order page and conversations I’ve had.

So, I’m wondering if this has happened to any of you before, and what you did to resolve it?

Also, I’ve noticed I can talk to my clients on the order page and through the messages Inbox separately. Is this the problem? I’ve always communicated to all my clients through the order page once the order was started. Should I always be replying to my clients through the inbox as opposed through the order page?

Thanks in advance.


So, I guess for posterity’s sake since noone’s talked to me here…

I heard back from support and apparently your order messages have nothing to do with your inbox messages. Even so, I haven’t received any message that I haven’t answered in my inbox. I received one message from a person in japan, who never replied and now says " *** can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate." I asked support to tell me if they can show me where this message is that I never responded to, and I’m waiting to hear back.

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Response rate:

You need to reply every *NEW MESSAGE in your inbox in 24 hour less. NOT on your order page. (Fiverr actually put a star icon on new message, and if seller didn’t response in 12 hours, the message will turn red)
Beyond 24 hours , you will lose your response rate.

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I understand that, my problem is that I HAVE replied to every starred, new message in my inbox. I was confused as to why the response rate dropped when I’ve responded to every inquiry in my inbox, and then continued talking to clients on the order page.

How many new message you get per 60 days?
For example: If you only get 6 new message from new client in 60 day , and you only response to 3 of them (in 60 days time) your response rate will drop to 50%.
To increase your response rate, you need to get bunch new message again.
Nothing we can do about it beside trying to response promptly.

If none of this happend, then you should try contact CS again.
Still, this is my first time hearing had problem with response rate bugs

Wish you luck,

Best regards,
Ridwan Sugi

Thanks, I contacted CS again to see if they can let me know which message I never replied to. I need the money, so ignoring messages is counterproductive.

I’ve only received 3 clients but many messages between them: One never replied back to my messages and disappeared, another I replied promptly and the last client has given me repeat business, so he messages me every time he has a new commission for me.

But thanks for your answer. I appreciate it.

You did the right thing asking them which message you didn’t reply and hopefully it will make fiverr CS to look a bit dipper into that matter

I think it’s the first time we see fiverr CS insisting that your stats are zero.

But are you sure you received new messages (only the first time message from a new client) in the last 60 days?

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Yes, all my new clients messaged me within 60 days. Before that I had none. I received a spam message, which I flagged as spam, and I also received a message from someone that never replied back to me after I reached out to them. I archived that message, but it seems like they no longer have an account with fiverr since their original message is gone and it says " *** can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate."

So I thought maybe my browser was ruining something up and I switched browsers and cleared the cache on all of them, to ensure everything loaded properly, but still nothing. I’m at a loss. I really wish someone from Fiverr could help me sort it out because right now I feel kinda helpless.

For posterity, again…

I heard back from CS and I found out the very very first message from one of my clients, I was late to reply. So that affected me. HOWEVER, I’ve had repeat business with this client 5 times now and he always contacts me on the same message thread and I’m always timely.

Does that mean that I have to delete the message after the job is done, so that when my client contacts me with a new job it creates a new message on my inbox for it to count towards my response rate? Im still so confused. Or does response rate only count for EACH client that messages you, not every new message?

I asked CS again to elaborate how I can improve my response rate in this situation when only one client messages me regularly through the same message thread. I’ll update this when I hear back.


Only those messages that has a clock sign on the message notification


Hi people. My response time is stucked on 88% from last 3 months. I followed the following instrusction from facebook to make it green but nothing is happening. They were as follows.
1- Respond faster to turn on badge
2- Reply every message in your inbox.
Please help me making my page green!

You probably missed it but I’ll quote the answer from this topic for you here :point_down:

It’s a ration that is based on the amount of messages you got and replied/didn’t reply in the last 60 days

@shermeenkhalid I faced this issue in some sort check details

Also check this.

@shermeenkhalid I think you unmarked a spam message and never replied to that. This is the message that may affect your response rate.

Thanks i will review again all the messages.

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Take a review on Computer.