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Response rate went down for no reason


I have to say that I like the new ranking system, although the response rate percentage is quite a pickle to be honest.

During the holidays I got a couple of requests from potential clients and, although I was traveling, I answered all of them (1 day later). Still my response rate fell from 100% to 83% which is completely crazy. You can still see in my profile that my average response time is within 1 hour.

I’m sure lots of people are having this very same issue. Is there a way (besides this forum) to let fiverr people know of this issue…and correct it?



If you feel there is an issue feel free to contact Fiverr support directly. They are the only ones that can fix the issue.


Tnx @thecreativeguys, will do


Happened to me once as well. I contacted customer support and they were happy to fix it for me. :slight_smile:


has happened to me also, still has not been resolved by customer support after contacting them 4 times.


The system measures your performance in the previous 60 days.

Meaning that with every passing day, your ratings fluctuate because the ratings which were valid 61 days ago yesterday, are no longer valid now. (Example) You may have had a busy day at November 9th (+1 because December has 31 days) and answered 10 - 15 messages timely.

This vastly improves your percentage. But on January 9th it no longer attributes to your ratings. So if you answered 2 messages timely and lost +13 timely messages, your percentage may become negative.


I understand the fact that you have to answer in timely fashion but the response rate makes it look like such requests went unanswered though they did.


Ah, a new fellow comrade aboard the “reponse rate is an absolute joke” ship. Welcome, enjoy your stay.



yes this is also happens with me.