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Response Rate - What am I doing wrong?

So I just started on Fiverr and after communicating with two people - one I didn’t respond to in the 24 hour window - but all others I did. My response rate was 50%. Ok, my bad.

But now my response Rate dropped to 33% today and I haven’t had any new communication. I did get a spam message that I deleted yesterday.

Why would the response rate continue to drop? There are no new messages.

Reply to spam messages with ‘Spam reported’ before reporting them, otherwise they have influence on your rate.
Send CS a message to fix that.

I’ve filed multiple tickets with customer support over the issue of response rate. So they’ve told me every time, the system only counts how long it takes me to respond to the first message ever received from a new client. They’ve also said that clicking “report” counts as responding to the message, and that the system doesn’t count messages that are already blocked by the system before I ever see it.

But you know, I think the system must be broken because I keep a very close eye on my message center and know for a fact that I respond to all messages that require a response within 24 hours, but my response rate keeps falling. If they can’t fix this response rate “feature,” I think they should disable it entirely.

My response rate drops for no apperant reason. CS reset it once and the next day it dropped again. I strongly believe it’s a bug since I literally respond to every message.

It makes sense that something is broken. The spam message that came through didn’t allow me to comment on it. I figured it was ok to remove in that case. Seems like this is a bug.

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I had my Response Rate drop from 100% to 90% yesterday, and couldn’t figure out why either; I politely contacted Fiverr support, and they almost immediately responded that it was an error, and they corrected my rate back to 100% within about 5 minutes. :slightly_smiling_face:

So if you know you’ve responded to all inquiries, you can politely ask them to review. They’re usually very fast and responsive, especially if you’re calm and ask them nicely. I think they’ve just been having some random site issues lately, and they seem to be aware of them.