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Response rate wrong?



I’m answering all the messages I receive in a short time, but I have just noticed that my response rate is 77%, how that can happen?

(I’ve checked all my messages in the last 30 days and found that I responded to all of them)

Thank you.


Looks like a bug. Another seller was reporting the same a few days ago. Simply contact CS and ask them to fix it. I believe they will do it for you if everything is fine from your end.


It also happened with me then i contacted with the customer support! They fixed it!


Oh ok thank you guys !


The same thing happened to me. I respond to all my messages within 1 - 4 hrs and definitely within 24 hrs. My response rate dropped to 88% and since has risen to 92%. I never bothered to get CS involved but if it happens again I definitely will.


It’s a bug. Before I repeat myself, read my explanation in one of the many other posts on that topic.


I contacted the support and they fixed the problem, my response rate is now 100%. Thank you !


ok good luck boy.



Thank you! I’m going to contact support to see if they will fix my response rating. It’s very inaccurate. Definitely looks like a bug, I agree. @saywow95, did support change this for you?