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Response Rate

Anybody else had trouble with the response rate thing not calculating correctly? I’ve not been very active on Fiverr the last month or so (lots of IRL stuff going on), but I have kept tabs on messages and replied to the couple that I’ve gotten recently. My response rate is showing at 50%, and it says I have replied to 50% of the messages I’ve received in the last 30 days within 24 hours. However, I’ve just reviewed the time stamps on all those messages, and none of them have a reply more than 18 hrs after the initial message (and yes, I have actually replied to all). Just wondering if anybody else is having this issue.

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Yes it’s out of control. 8-X

In the beginning I was a bit puzzled with it, but it’s up to 100% now so I suspect it’s caught up with itself.

Mine doesn’t calculate correctly at all. I’m even responding to ridiculous messages now. This morning I received a message that read: "?"

That was it. Just a question mark. So my reply was “!”

Reply to @jtengle: Wow, really funny :slight_smile:

It seems that it is finally now working for me at (just today) 95%!!!

Yesterday it was at 90%