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Response Rate

Response rate doesn’t count timezone differences. Is this fair?

I think what you mean is the average response time! It my opinion it is there just to give an idea for a potential buyer on how long it will take him/her to get a response after contacting a service provider. So it does not have anything to do with timezone differences.
Having said that, displaying the timezone of each user is also a nice idea! :slight_smile:

So, it doesn’t have to do anything with my rate. Good to know that.

Thank you dilshands :slight_smile:

Personally I wish they’d get rid of it, it barely functions properly at the best of times, almost every second day I’m onto CS about my response rate dropping for no reason, it’s pretty much a running joke between me and CS now.
On that note about time zone differences, it would be nice if it did take it into consideration, esp as if you’re in Australia like me and someone sends you a message just after you’ve gone to bed and then have to go to work, that’s like 16 hrs give or take that has gone by before you can reply to that msg, unless you can do it before work or in a break and it’s even worse if someone orders a gig because you’re pretty much left with whatever time is left to do it in, which is why I have to make ppl send me a msg and not order the gig first, so i can set it up when I have the time, a lot of ppl simply fail to think about the TZ difference and how it effects those of us in other countries!