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Response rate

Hi all,
I am a new Fiverr enthusiast and I am very happy that I have received orders for one of my gigs.
I have a slight issue with my response rate dropping to 50%.
Here is why.
I did respond to the question from a potential buyer but it was after a couple of days as I needed time to think about what they were asking. Basically, they were asking me for something irrelevant to my gig and I spent a little time trying to pick out anything that might be associated with what I am selling. I couldn’t find it so after that I replied. However, it now shows my response rate as being 50% which I think is a little unfair as i will always respond to questions related to my gig at my earliest possible time. Generally a couple of hours. Anything I can do?

Hi there,

It’ll recover over time, just ensure you’re responding to private messages promptly.

There is a little timer clock that appears next to the message that tells you how long you’ve got to respond. If you don’t respond within 24 hours, your response rate is impacted.

In the future just respond to the customer as soon as you open the message saying you’ll respond to their query ASAP or something similar.


I agree with Tom.

If you need more time to decide it’s important to let the buyer know that so just give them a heads up. This way your response rate does not get affected.

Second, don’t worry to much about it, this indicator is only for you to see.


i am a newbie too. my response rate is 95% but i am not getting orders of late… for like 2 weeks now. what can i do?

Sometimes it happens that you can’t respond to a spam message an the response rate will drop. Then a simple message to CS is enough to get that fixed the same day.

In your case you should probably answer directly with a thank-you-message where you explain that you will come back as soon as possible to their question. This way your response rate will stay on par.

What we do for things like this is keep a quick-response ready for the times when we know we need to respond quickly, but cannot immediately answer questions in detail.

Something to the effect of:

"Hi there,

Thank you so much for contacting us about your project. We will take some time to review your query and get back to you as soon as possible.

-Tim @ Easy Media"

This way, you really don’t even have to interrupt what you’re doing at the time. Just send over the quick-response and return in detail later.

Also respond to anything, even if you are not interested. The first response is important so Fiverr can register your response. After that you can ignore the messages if you are not interested.

Quick response is maybe the best feature they’ve introduced last year, besides the custom offers of course

Don’t worry about the response rate, I have days that it’s 90% and then it goes up to 95%. Here’s what happens, suppose I get 10 orders today, if I were to reply every order my response rate would be 100%. However, I have better things to do than waste my buyers’ time with dumb comments like: “Thanks for ordering from me!” Instead, I do what’s due in 24 hours and ignore the rest unless I have extra time.

In other words, if you want a 100% response rate, just reply every order you get. Will it make a difference? Will it make you more money? Get you a tip? No, it won’t. My buyers already get an automatic response that tells them I will ask questions if I have them. Only the really dim buyers will ask me if I’m aware of their order.

I am new to fiverr. Joined four days ago. I couldn’t get any orders. Even any messages. Is there any problem with my account. Anybody help?

Guys check out this post, This is important:

Yes, Obviously first order is memorable for everyone. I also got my first order within 24 hours of starting marketing on social sites.